Revolution of Pigs Beautiful Land

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Published 6 Apr 2008
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You have already voted for this video. sigade revolutsioon song beautiful land ilus on maa erki - Mikk Tammepõld Director... sigade revolutsioon song beautiful land ilus on maa erki - Mikk Tammepõld Director: René Reinumägi, Jaak Kilmi REVOLUTION OF PIGS cleverly blends teen sex comedy with political satire. At a Soviet summer camp, teens are more interested in the opposite sex and the latest Duran Duran tunes than in the party-line teachings of their counselors. When the skit competition becomes politicized, a new kind of revolution breaks out. Hair by Oskar Voit.Rooted in the memories and longings of its two directors and fueled by a soundtrack of classic pop, this exuberant look at youthful rebellion is set in 1986. In those days, the Estonian student summer brigades provided an annual rite of passage, during which hundreds of teens suffered through three days of camping and group activities. At night, they secretly released their repressed energy in disco and sexual exploration. However, Estonia in the mid-80s was a totalitarian state and the brigades were also used as a recruiting ground for the Russian army, then in desperate need of young bodies to fight its war in Afghanistan. When the counselors crack down on the campers, a group of dissenters performs a play called," Something's Rotten in our Country," setting the stage for a mass protest which quickly escalates out of control. Winner of a Special Jury Prize at the Moscow International Film Festival, the passionately inventive Revolution of Pigs cleverly blends teen comedy and political metaphor.Director:René Reinumägi  Filminfo:
Filmen utspelar sig i Estland och året är 1986. Landet är ockuperat av Sovjetunionen och hundratals ungdomar samlas i läger för att lära sig att bli goda kommunister. Ungdomarna är dock mera intresserade av alkohol och sex och när några i lägret hittar hundratals döda grisar bakom en grisfarm bestämmer de sig för att sätta upp en symbolisk pjäs. Teatern blir upprinnelsen till en revolt mot lägerledarna och den kommunistiska läran. "Revolution of Pigs" utvecklas till en stark politisk satir, samtidigt som den hyllar unga människor ovilja att lyda. Filmen är Estlands Oscarsbidrag i 2004.
Skådespelare: Jass Seljamaa, Evelin Kuusik, Vadim Albrant, Uku Uusberg
Manus: René Reinumägi, Jaak Kilmi
Nyckelord: Drama, Komedi
Längd: 98 min
Produktionsland: Estland
Med i paket: Stockholm XV Northern Lights Originaltitel:
Sigade revolutsioon
René Reinumägi, Jaak Kilmi
Categories: Entertainment
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