Warthog Balance

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Uploaded on March 28, 2008 by nightfox26

I explain it in the video,sort of, but i was playing by myself on two player mode when i was just throwing grenades by the Warthog and I jump in the truck when it exploded then out at that moment when the Hog is in that position. It is just like when you are playing GTA SA. and do a cheat to make things fly when you hit them. You get out and it stays in that spot, for planes anyways, and that is basically what happened. PCE Thnx 4 Watching. Comment if you want. All comments wanted so that I know what vids to put on and what not. This is my first video!!

Halo 1, Glitches, Balance, Grenades, Explosions, Warthog, Video Games
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