I Have HIV. Can I Have Children and Keep My Partner Safer?

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Uploaded on March 28, 2008 by AIDSvideos

This video explains how HIV positive people can have children, reduce or eliminate the risk that their partner will contract HIV, and minimize the risk that the child will contract HIV. HIV positive people should avoid unprotected sex. But they can still have children. An HIV positive man can provide a semen sample to his doctor. A technique called sperm washing is used to ensure that any HIV in the seminal fluid around the sperm is removed. An egg is removed from the woman, fertilized by the washed sperm outside the body via in vitro fertilization, and the fertilized egg is placed into her uterus. If a woman is HIV positive, her partner can provide a sperm sample which is then placed into her body. Watch our other videos on "Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission" to learn how you can reduce the risk the infant will contract HIV. For more information, visit and

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