Two 4 One - UnDiscovered (music Video)


Uploaded on April 08, 2008 by Two4OneMusic


Hey folks!

This is our first ballad and it means a lot to us. Recording and shooting it was sooo much fun as always! It gave us the opportunity to visit those beautiful places, but we gotta tell you, we were so busy shooting and trying to do things right that we couldn't really enjoy those spectacular views and sights. In fact we really "noticed" it later when editing the video at home :
Special thanks to the Malibu Police Department and California Highway Patrol for their understanding and efforts to facilitate this. We had to specially build a camera crane for the video, which opened a whole new world of angles and perspectives. Man, we love those bird's eye shots from above. We really needed an extra hand, someone to operate our camera jib and thanks to our friend Georgy Slavchev who was gracious enough to take a day off of his busy schedule, the piano shots became possible and so beautiful.

Thank God, we safely completed those top-of-the-cliff scenes, which were shot right on the edge -- boy, it was scary looking down from up there. Also, Velly did great at the desert shots on this windy road wearing just a backless, chiffon summer dress in this chilly weather -- she was literally shaking after the shoot.

Thanks y'all for your support and please drop a comment and rate before you take off.

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