Baby Got Back - for Butt Perfection [18+]


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"Back got back - Jonathan Coulton version"

How to get the perfect butt using the Biniki butt bra :

Biniki is a derriere shaper, toner, lifter and support device for Mens and Womens butts. It is for people who would like a rearend-shaper type of lingerie for their buttocks. Want a rounder, bubble butt look in back without surgery or pads? Try Biniki, the internationally patented product designed to do the job.

Although Biniki is designed to create buttock enhancement and make the backside look sexier and more round, it is not designed specifically to draw attention to the shapely derriere-it just can’t help but to do so.

Support against the pull of gravity is always a plus. It is comfortable and provides an anti-gravity helper for the beautiful weight in back. It is also a comfortable feeling to look your best in back, of course!

Biniki offers a custom fit by means of self adjustment and strategically placed leg loops. Since Biniki moves with you even with movement, Biniki stays in place. Biniki works because of a unique three ring system that adjusts to the wearer’s body, with the adjustable leg loops riding just under the buttocks, where the buttocks and thighs meet.

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