Bamboo Flute

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Uploaded on April 21, 2008 by TablaConcept

Charly Wintermeyer
Bamboo flutes (bansuri)

In 1978 Charly Wintermeyer went to India in order to study Indian classical music (Hindustani – means north Indian style). Having spent six years learning the tabla, the important north Indian drum popularised in the west by Zakir Hussain, and having given four years to the study of the art of singing, in 1990 he took up the traverse Indian bamboo flute (Bansuri).All together Charly spent about 18 years in India. He always felt a deep connection with the Indian culture and by means of his music assumed the role of an envoy of Indian culture. On the other hand he is extremely open to experimental styles which his worldmusic projects and different chill out and ambiance recordings give evidence for tours in Germany Portugal, France and Ireland.

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