The Hollywood Sign Might Be Gone!

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The iconic Hollywood sign may be making a move out of California. Super-star movie news, is up next! He...
The iconic Hollywood sign may be making a move out of California. Super-star movie news, is up next! Hey guys! Welcome to Get-the-Daily-dot-com. I'm Dana Ward with all of the latest in Hollywood. Can the movie and celebrity mecca survive without the ever-famous Hollywood sign? It seems the land that has hosted the larger-than-life sign since 1923 is up for grabs. While the letters were initially put-up to promote real estate in the area, those big white letters spelling out Hollywood have inarguably become a SoCal icon. An investment group purchased 138 untouched acres of land from the estate of billionaire Howard Hughes just about 5-years ago for 1-point-5-million-dollars. And now the group is offering the land for 22-million-bucks. Even with the public standing behind the Hollywood sign preservation, it may take some serious starpower to keep these 45-foot letters from being torn down. And another symbolic icon exists no longer. It's James Bond's famous Aston Martin that a driver accidentally plunged into a lake while on-set in northern Italy. The driver wasn't even racing in a scene for the newest Quantum of Solace 007 film, but he was simply delivering the stud vehicle to the set during heavy rain over the weekend. The driver had minor injuries from the fall into Lake Gardam, and Bond's car was smashed and totaled. Harry Potter founder - J-K Rowling - sues her story's biggest superfan for getting too wizardly. Apparently, Steven Vander-Ark began working with a boutique publisher to get his online encyclopedia of Potter knowledge transferred to hardcover, and according to Rowling, it interferes directly with a project of her own already in the works. Vander-Ark's internet catalog of spells, personalities and make-believe is SO intense and thorough that in the past, Rowling gave an award to 'The Harry Potter Lexicon' and admitted to checking the site for references. Vander-Ark became known as an H-P expert, being interviewed for articles, speaking at conventions as well as being a guest on NBC's Today show and even appearing in a special feature documentary for one of the films in the series. The trial - questioning if the internet site violates copyright law - started this week and the Harry Potter side is not letting down. The judge said he could go either side for the ruling, but he actually suggested not only a quick settlement between the two parties, but a possible collaboration. That's it for now! Thanks for watching Get-the-Daily! I'm Dana Ward.