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Uploaded on April 23, 2008 by Charbax

Archos products marketing manager Rémi Durand shows us how the new TV Portation plugin works. It enables you to stream live video from your TV, through an Archos TV , 605 WiFi or 705 WiFi, through the Internet or on your local network, to another Archos 605 WiFi, 705 WiFi, or on any Windows Mobile smartphone (later there may also be support for Symbian) or on a laptop or PC. This is basically the Archos way to do the Slingbox, AMD Live or Sony TV Anywhere feature. You can thus take your Satellite, cable, DVB-T or any other TV channels that you own or have at your home, and then bring them with you all over the world. The TV Portation uploads the live TV feed at QVGA resolution starting at 300kbit/s, and it can go up to 1mbit/s for now if you have a fast upload connection at your home. The plugin is free with the TV but costs 0/€40 to install the server side of the software on an Archos 605 WiFi or 705 WiFi. The client side of the software to install on a 605 WiFi, 705 WiFi, TV , on a Windows Mobile smartphone or on a Windows XP/Vista computer is free.

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