Dental Tourism: No Need for Dental Insurance Anymore

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Uploaded on April 28, 2008 by JonBarker007

Healthbase, an award-winning Dental Tourism Facilitator, connects you to dental care facilities overseas where you can get top quality dental care for a fraction of the cost in the US. Waitlists like those in Canada and the UK are literally eliminated and access to world-class care is within reach. For e.g.: dental implants which cost over $4000 in the US can be had for as low as $650 in Mexico. Dental tourism is ideal for crowns, implants, implants-in-a-day, veneers, bridges, root canal, dental surgery and many other dental procedures. You will save so much that you can even enjoy a luxurious retreat at exotic destinations after your treatment.

Healthbase has partner dental care facilities located in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Hungary, Belgium, Turkey, India, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, etc. Dental practitioners in these countries are educated or trained at top US/UK/Canadian universities and hospitals.

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