The Chronicle Legend Adventure Part 1 of 2

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Uploaded on April 26, 2008 by RickyStrudel

3 Nerds search for the lost gems before the evil prince of darkness "Zaeo" finds them. At the hotel, a mage and warrior talk about the seven gems and Zaeo. they buy some swords and a staff at the weapon shop with some yen and then team up with a warlock in the bandit's forest after a thief attacked. The mage believes Xhar is too shady and doesn't trust him after he witnesses a lightning spell. the team builds their trust after fighting waves of bandits. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, Fireballs added in Adobe Photoshop. Music: Guitar Vs. Piano by Goukisan.

Chronicle, Travel, Journey, Escapade, Adventure, Legend, Photos, Shop, Fireball, Final Fantasy, Warrior, Magic, Wizards, Art & Animation
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