Citizenre - Earth Day Nantucket 4-22-08

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Uploaded on April 27, 2008 by solarenurgy

Earth Day 2008 Celebration with Energy Independence Today and Bruce Marshall-Jones (an Independent Ecopreneur) talking about the shift in the solar energy industry with The Citizenre Corporation. With all the news of increasing electricity prices and dramatic world wide increase in demand, many have been looking for a better, greener solution. Now a better solution is available!

It is critical that we as a nation upgrade to solar power now!
Imagine our country moving toward energy independence with benefits so deep it will change the environmental, economic and political landscape. It is crucial that we as humans evolve into the stewards of this planet and look after the quality of all life and species... we are the only species who can.

It is important to focus on solutions and get away from the "gloom and doom" of global warming. Our generation has the potential of providing the heroes of our time. The climate crisis at hand will pull out the best in all of us!

Let's rise to the occasion, find ways to be inclusive of each others beliefs, and have a good time doing it!

Bruce Marshall-Jones

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