Inspiring Photoshop Tutorials - Unleash Your Creative Genius!

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*******HurleyPix****/photo - Ever wanted to become better at Photoshop? Well, good news - you can... with ...
*******HurleyPix****/photo - Ever wanted to become better at Photoshop? Well, good news - you can... with these Photoshop tutorials. You may have noticed a cool thing about Photoshop... Once you're 'addicted' to using it, then you hardly ever want to stop using it! A good indication of this is if you're in the middle of a Photoshop project and two people call your name... If you don't answer, and you don't even hear them, then this means you're a PASSIONATE Photoshop user... Other people just need to accept and understand this! Anyways, it's a life time of valuable - and very useable - knowledge that you're getting, when you get familiar with using Adobe Photo Shop. In fact, I use it almost every day... for doing simple photo effects, digital photo editing, and basic tweaks and tidying of my images. (By the way, one of my all time favorite Photoshop plugins is the amazing 3D Photoshop action -- it automates the process of creating an ecover. All you need to do is a nice looking flat 500 x 500 pixel layout)! That little 'time saver' saves me HOURS of time! Not to mention helping me make great looking 3D digital ecovers... But is Photoshop the best digital photo software available? That's a good question... All I know is that it works incredibly well for me, and I'm sure will for you too. I also know that if you become 'really good' at Photoshop then other people are quite willing to pay you money to do image work for them... :) Picture the idea of you 'working from home' in your pajamas here... Anyway, if you want to get learning fast, these Photoshop tutorials will delight... *******HurleyPix****/photo