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Uploaded on April 29, 2008 by MP Kingdom

Thousands of precious lives have been lost in the Three-decade old ethnic conflict that has plunged the country into misery.
Despite intense efforts being made to bring lasting peace to our beloved motherland, the war still continues' displacing tens of thousands of innocent people including women and children'
Why did this war erupt and to whom does it cater to? Can't all communities live in harmony and can't peace prevail in this beautiful isle? The movie 'Prabhakaran' comes as a tribute to all loving people of mother Lanka.
Prabhakaran is probably the first film made on the ongoing war in this country that devoured thousands of lives.
Who is to be blamed for this tragic situation? The Sinhala or Tamil people are not those to be blamed for the war. They are only caught in the midst of the conflict and are subjected to misery. The film sees the conflict from a humanistic angle. It discusses the story of a suicide bomber who escapes from LTTE clutches and how she is being pushed to that point.

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