Eddie Snyder- The Dale Earnhardt of Alligators

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Uploaded on April 29, 2008 by mrhulot

You get a free Alligator show after your air boat ride at the Everglades Holiday park
in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I rode the airboat and it was cool ( see my video) and I
would like to ride it again but I wasn't going to go to the alligator show. I am from
Miami, I grew up around alligators and the outdoors and didn't expect to see
much but a bunch of hokey tourist stuff .I went to the alligator show..... I was wrong.

The alligator show guy is Eddie Snyder. He puts on an outstanding alligator show. I think it is probably
hard to work with an animal that can chomp your leg off, but what is harder is to have to entertain a
boatload of tourists every twenty minutes all day long and still look like you give a darn about the customers
or the alligators. Eddie shows a lot of respect to the alligators and the audience. He really seems to like
what he is doing a lot and would probably mess around with gators even if nobody was showing up to watch.
I don't see how a person could do better or be more professional. I only had my little $40 RCA Small Wonder EZ101
camera with me, I wish I had a better camera at the time I went. I am glad I saw the show
and I think you will like it too. For my money Eddie is the Dale Earnhardt or Tiger Woods of alligators.

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Thanks again for watching.

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