Air Boat Ride and Alligators at Everglades Holiday Park

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Uploaded on April 29, 2008 by mrhulot

This is a little home movie I shot with a cheap $40 RCA Small Wonder videocamera . The video resolution is not
super but the airbaot ride and alligator show at the park were much better than I ever expected. I am a Miami
native, my family has been here since 1919 and I am a bit jaded and sceptical about tourist attractions but this
was a hoot. I will also be adding the alligator show later done by Eddie Snyder who is an amazing guy and
does a real Old Florida alligator show. Eddie is the Tiger Woods of alligators.
The best part of the airboat ride is just being out in the wide open Everglades that stretch for miles of green
against an amazing blue sky. South Florida is only three things- the Ocean, the great winter weather and the
amazing Everglades. take the three away and you have Buffalo. Go take a fast ride on an airboat out in the
middle of nature , it is more fun than the video. the park is free to enter and you can picnic or fish at the dock
for free. Boat rentals, fishing guides, camping, food, bait and beverages at the site-Big thumbs up to
Everglades Holiday Park.

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Thanks for watching my videos.
Robb Moffett

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