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Uploaded on May 01, 2008 by xghzqtk

www.Art-Fraud.Org . There have been "Collection Domaine Picasso" prints selling like crazy over the last 5 years all over the internet including eBay, these are mostly giclee's (although occasionally called lithograph) which can easily be reproduced by anyone. There are many of Picasso images with the exception of a color change or two, at the bottom right hand corner there is a signature by "who knows" that says "Collection Domaine Picasso" and numbered from editions of 500, which I believe there are many editions of 500 from many publishers printing them. These are un-authorized reproductions. Some buyers on ebay think they are winning \ buying a hand signed "giclee" Picasso, far fetched idea but it happens. There are many dealers and galleries buying and selling these without proper knowledge. I have had these in the past, after my discovery of the Collection Domaine Picasso I have not gone near them, as a matter of fact I don't believe I will ever go near a "giclee" again. for more info go to

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