Birds Pictures, Birds Singing, Bird Sounds

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*******www.MakeMoneyForTravel**** cute bird pictures!...cute bird pictures! song called Colbie Caillat A ...
*******www.MakeMoneyForTravel**** cute bird pictures!...cute bird pictures! song called Colbie Caillat A slideshow that I made with a bunch of cute bird pictures (none of which are my own, I got them through the fabulous "google images" :P) to the cool song, "Birds" by Sir Elton John, from his masterpiece 2001 album, Songs from the West Coast. BTW, Sir Elton just turned 60 last sunday, march 25, 2007 with an absolutely AWESOME concert!check it out on MSN, you'll love it, I promise you!!) :) A slideshow of bird pictures to Kelly Clarksons Breakaway Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of these pictures or this song...Birds Raptors Kelly hoto slideshow of various wading birds, pictures taken by me in the wild and in animal parks. The 2nd & 3rd photo shows a newly hatched Gallinule chick. You'll notice that it still has a vestigial finger and claw on its wing. Many birds go through an immature phase in development in which they may be as large as adults, but they have different colorations. Examples of this are shown here with the White Ibis, African Crowned Crane, and Black Crowned Night Heron. Cattle Egrets originally came from Africa, but are now found around the globe. They first appeared in South America in 1887 and in North America in 1941. The Flamingo's peculiar beak strains water rich in organic matter, filtering for small mollusks, crustaceans, insects, fishes, algae, diatoms, and vegetable matter. The pink coloration of its feathers comes from carotene found in the small shrimp they eat. Rate this vid, and comment what you like, or hate....Birds Film Photography flying Florida fun nature Imagine sky awesome camera dock lake GOobberBiker