Magic, By Reed Lucas, Ghost Coin

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Uploaded on May 08, 2008 by reedyourmind

Magic as Interpreted by Reed Michael Lucas
Introducing the new, interactive way to learn magic!

Welcome to the new age of magic instructional videos! Do you have a desire to learn magic? You will follow Reed Michael Lucas through an evening of entertainment at a bar to see how to incorporate magic into the conversation and make new friends! The effects on this DVD range from beginner to advanced in a never-before seen way.

Magic as Interpreted by Reed Michael Lucas is the world's first magic instructional DVD. Produced in 2000 Reed Lucas ushered in a new era of magic by utilizing the incredible technology of DVD to demonstrate mind-blowing tricks and the methods behind them. Bonus audio, complete explanations, and a never-before-seen repeatable multi-angle list of sleights makes learning magic as easy as clicking a button! You too can learn these astounding tricks and amaze your friends and family.

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