How Slim Is John McCain's Potus Chance?

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Uploaded on May 10, 2008 by profesorbaker

Very slim. Ann Coulter slim. Super, Super Model Slim.

Obama has a "Make Work Pay" Tax Credit plan that will completely eliminate income taxes for TEN MILLION Americans. People like Me and You. Everyday Americans.
Average Americans, The Little Guy...

Tax breaks for middle class Americans.

Shh. Don't tell John McCain. He thinks Obama has increased taxes. And oh, by the way, John McCain. What's John's tax plan?

McCain has a plan to give tax breaks to Rich People (The Top One Per Cent)...

Who you voting for? Wait, let me guess.

A. You are rich, so you are voting for John McCain to get a permanent tax break.

B. You are NOT rich and you would like to get a permanent tax break.

Guess how many people do not belong to the Top One Percent?

Amigo, My friend, I'm voting for Barack Obama. Who you voting for???

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