Make Money on Autopilot with This Autoclicker

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Uploaded on May 18, 2008 by george12085

I have found a way of how to make 1000$ a month on autopilot. Yes I did. And I can prove you that this works. All you need is a computer and internet and my program.

I have an autoclicker which works with almost any pay to click site simultaneously.
So, here is the formula:
You sign up to 10 pay to click sites under my referral link and i give you the programm free. You set up the program with your user name and password from the sites you`ve joined and just start the program. These sites pays 0.01 $ per click and offers you an average of 10 clicks a day, so you will earn 0.01 x10x10= 1$ a day, 30$/month on autopilot. You don`t need to make anything else. No clicks from you, because the soft make all the clicks.

But hey, I said you will earn 1000 $. How would you do that?!¿
Simple, just give the program to 33 of your friends and give them your referral links to sign up under you and you will make money from the clicks of your friends. So,your 33 friends use this program and makes on average 1$/day and you also get 1$/day from each of your friends, so you will earn 33$ +1$/day x30 days

1020$ monthly.

And that`s 100% on autopilot, you will need only about 5 hours to: sign up to 10 websites, make all the settings to the autoclicker and invite 33 people to use this program and sign up under you.

Not bad for 5 hours of work, don`t you think?!¿
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