Taz, Our Pet Squirrel, Being Hand Fed...Day 2

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Uploaded on May 22, 2008 by Frank-n-Nicole

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Taz Feeding Time Day 2
Taz, our pet squirrel, being hand fed...
Watch and learn with us. ~Taz~ Our New Pet Squirrel
Look how tame the wildlife can actually be!
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Description: Nicole And I Were At Home on Sept. 07, 2007 In Myrtle Beach., In the backyard just "chillin" when a momma squirrel was transferring her babies to a new nest for some reason, When all of a sudden Taz fell from over 50 feet to my feet, well we coaxed him to try to go back to his mother without touching him. Taz climbed up the tree about 60 feet,, when he fell again, and the momma wants nothing to do with her son,, soo now we become mommy and daddy to the baby squirrel.. ..... WildLife ..... Taz is now 5 weeks old! Stay tuned to watch him grow up as we raise him,,,everyday a new video of Taz will be broadcasted,, and you can become part of his little life too,, we will be allowing responses, comments, suggestions, and any info that you can provide,,, See you Soon!

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