How to Get Your Free Iphone

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Uploaded on May 23, 2008 by simon76

get a free iphone
As it says in the free iphone video.
if you go to

This is my referal site and to be honest i have tried out loads of free iphone offer.
This is the only free iphone offer that i have found that allows you to join just one offer and be able to reset your account once you have got your free iphone.
And as a bonus i will select 5 out of the first 14 confirmed referals to recieve £5 each from me.
This may not seem like much but £5 at the right time can but many a good thing on ebay
So if you would like a free iphone and maybe some free money then head over to

and start your way to your free iphone.
i will upload the video of me choosing 5 random customers once i have my 14 referals.

remember, thats not bad odds.. 5 out of 14 people to get £5.. and you can rent a couple of dvds free too. THIS IS UK ONLY IM AFFRAID.
free iphone, here

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