GeneWize Info: The Inside Scoop on GeneWize Opportunity

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Uploaded on May 28, 2008 by Katie Freiling for your FREE GenWize Insider's Report. Call (702) 378-6790 to learn more about how you can partner up with master internet marketers.

GeneWize is a brand new network marketing company that does not launch to the public until August of 2008.

The pre-launch does not even happen until the end of May, so if you are watching this video right now, you have some of the most *INSIDE* information you will ever find in this industry.

We are looking for leaders to partner up with us hand in hand and systemtically build the most successful network marketing company to ever exist.

As seen with other big network marketing companies like Monavie and Agel, the founding distributors are the ones making $400,000... $300,000...and $200,000 a WEEK!

GeneWize is at the cutting edge of nutrition, providing people with a personalized nutritional program that is specific for your DNA. They do a genetic profile through saliva testing and then formulate a nutritional supplement specifically for you.

177,000 different combinations of ingredients are possible... Similar to mixing paint, all colors of the rainbow are possible.

This company WILL UNDOUBTEDLY revolutionize the nutritional AND network marketing industries.

Make sure you call me for more information at (702) 378-6790 or visit

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