Silent Comedy Film W/ Buster Keaton: The General (1927)

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One of the greatest silent comedies ever made! The General is Hollywood dynamo Buster Keaton’s masterpiece. Beloved for his short film comedies, Keaton would expand his cinematic horizons in this big budget and adventurous Civil War film. Keaton stars as a railroad engineer who greatly desires to enlist and fight against the North. Too useful as an engineer, he’s turned down, much to the chagrin of his love Annabelle Lee, played by the beautiful Marion Mack. Keaton gets his chance for action, however, when Northern soldier steal his most adored possession, his locomotive named The General. Though the film is adventurous, Keaton doesn’t get away from what made him a household name: masterful physical comedy. Truly Keaton’s magnum opus, The General combines a more gripping story with Keaton’s trademark antics. The results are tremendously entertaining!

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