Easy Homemade HHO Gas Electrolyzer Protoptype 1

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Uploaded on June 01, 2008 by DewJunkie

I'm trying to learn how to make my own electrolyzer. There are claims that it can improve gas mileage in your car...well I am trying to figure that out on my own. This video is of my first electrolyzer prototype. It's made using just things from Lowe's/Home Depot, and random stuff I had around my house. The Battery charger can be substituted with any 9 volt battery if that is what you wish to use. If anyone has anything they would like to see tested or any suggestions please leave them either on the videos or on my blog at:
Learn with me At: http://saltwaterfuel.blogspot.com

I am trying to determine whether Run Your Car On Water, Water 4 gas, Water4Gas, Hydrostar and all those others are correct in saying that they improve gas mileage. AND IM DOING IT FOR FREE. When I get a finished product I will not be selling anything except for starting my own installation service for those who want it installed if it works.

PS. You have to add either salt or baking soda to the water in order for it to work.

Run Your Car On Water

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