Advanced Pushups - The Roller


Uploaded on June 10, 2008 by m_illionaire

This is part one of my advanced pushup series. I will be doing 5 different types of advanced pushups and then I will combine them into one heck-of-a-chest workout.

The rolling pushup is a great exercise because it combines a fly and a pushup into one tough exercise. You can vary how hard it is by varying the angle of your elbows. In this video, I wimped out and bent my elbows to make it easier. To make it tough enough for any pro-BB, keep the arms straight.

When you are all the way down with your face in the carpet, it takes an incredible squeeze from the pecs to get you back up - kind of like the iron-cross on the gymnastics rings. The grunts are not staged, this is a real bear.

This is NOT a beginners exercise, it is for advanced bodybuilders only. If you have not been lifting for at least 6 months, dont even consider doing this because you will most likely get injured.

I made this "rolling pushup" its own video because its a unique exercise and I wanted to be able to link to it individually. There are several other unique exercises in my advanced pushup series that I will be putting up individually also. Thanks for your patience, the advanced pushup video IS coming but it takes a long time to edit.

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