Smoked Brisket

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The video gives you a two minute look at how we smoke meats.

This goes for brisket, pork spare ribs and chicken.

Trim the meat of unwanted fat, leaving 1/4 inch on briskets. Cut off the diaphram flap of meat off the concave side of the ribs. This is tough and not very flavorful. Pull the membrane off of the concave side of ribs.

Smear a thin layer of yellow mustard onto the meat then sprinkle with the rub. Pat the rub in and put the meat on the smoker. For ribs and chicken, we smoke at 210-225F for three hours. Briskets get 5 hours smoke, ribs and chicken get 3 to 4 hours. I smoke spare ribs which typically weigh 4 pounds. Timing for Baby Back ribs would be substantially reduced.

The meat is taken inside and placed in a Pan Saver bag. We use the 23" x 14" available from Sam's Club or mail order. For briskets we use the whole bag. For ribs, we cut the bag in half and use each half on a half slab of ribs. These are high temperature liners for pots to aid cleanup, and are good up to 400 F. We then wrap tightly with Saran wrap then in foil. We bake at 225F until the meat is done.

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