Veoh Blocks 85% of the World

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Uploaded on June 10, 2008 by internetrebel

In a mock interview, Dimitri Shapiro, founder of Veoh talks about the recently implemented new business model that limits its video services to a select group of wealthy countries (I sense a major blacklash across the internet is brewing against Veoh). Maybe Mr. Shapiro is on to something. In a world of dismishing resources, we have to look out for # 1, just US. Or do we have a responsibility to the rest of the world? Please feel free to forward this video link and download and upload to ther sites. I encourage you to make your own video about how you feel about Veoh´s recent action.

Here is an example of what people are saying about Veoh:


VEOH is a company that has betrayed 85% of its community without notice nor apology, yet still retains the uploaded data so that the privileged few can still watch and download what is now classified as
stolen property. In a move unseen throughout the history of the internet they switched off 165 countries, leaving only 33. Two of the countries they didn't switch off were Poland and Russia - who contribute less than Luxembourg, Czech Republic or Slovakia (all
banned) - and it just so happens that one of VEOH top dogs comes from.... I have moved all my videos from VEOH and contributed them to the new, openly "Anti VEOH" sites that are mushrooming now.

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