Telekinetic Stasis Field 3 Demonstration on Windmill

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As promised here is the telekinetic stasis field being used on a rather large windmill as you can see size ...
As promised here is the telekinetic stasis field being used on a rather large windmill as you can see size doesnt matter if you beleive you can so then so does your logic construct. Once again the energy which stops the windmill is already available in the environment and enacting on it all the construct does is use the kinetic energy to supply equal and oposite energy to reverse and stop the windmill blades. Constructs of a stasis field can be created to be self sustaining so that attention can then be directed elsewhere. I realize videos can be faked I am posting this for telekinetic students to learn best of luck! Beleive what you want please take notice of the wind direction and movement in the foreground plants and background clouds. Also be aware of the wind in the audio. Yes windmills do stop and go but hopefully I have demonstrated a constant directed applied kinetic force on the windmill. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. Psycho kinesis/telekinesis Definition 1. The manipulation of energies within the known and unknown laws of physics by act of intent the focus of this energy by means of thought to achieve the desired outcome by whatever convenient force/energy available. To achieve outcome not by muscular or mechanical intervention by solid macro device or object. An intelligent preconceived act of will/intention to direct an otherwise state of motion or rest without mechanical macro object intervention to cause said intent of motion, control by will the available energies to affect Newton's laws of motion, that is by act of intent without macro mechanical intervention. 2. The focusing of any non macro force by will from object to object with obvious intelligent projection is also considered within the discipline of Pk, TK The projection of kinetic energy from body in the form of focused heat or electrical discharge. In the point you are projecting focused kinetic energy that is not the (mean/average) or within standard human condition of a body unfocused in the same application and position. 3.PK/TK Is a discipline, a system of logic intent and belief which allows the user to affect their environment probability outcomes and shift energy and mass in a controlled manner by non macro mechanical means but by act of intent logic and intuition. The manner in which Pk, TK is uncontrolled is often referred to as poltergeist. This is how I define TK and PK