Karaoke: How To Make Instrumental Songs - Karafun Tutorial

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And here's what Wikipedia says about Karafun...

"KaraFun is a karaoke player freeware for Microsoft Windows written by Recisio. It is a combination of a player and an editor. This software plays nearly every karaoke file including KFN proprietary format. KaraFun is playing a lot a karaoke formats like LRC, KAR, KOK, KFN. It also plays the CDG+MP3 audio format, MP3, OGG, MIDI. The player offers key and tempo control in real time on audio/midi files and on microphone recording track. With the editor, you can create your own KFN karaoke."

And here's some Wikipedia info about Karaoke and Midi files...

"Some computer programs that serve a similar purpose to the standard karaoke machine have been developed that use MIDI instrumentation instead of a recorded track to generate the accompaniment. This makes transposition technically trivial and also shrinks the information needed to provide the accompaniment to the point where it is easy to transfer across the Internet, even over slow connections. The standard file format used is .KAR, an extension of the standard .MID MIDI disk format which includes embedded lyrics and can be played unaltered by MIDI player software."

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