Journey To The Jungle


Uploaded on June 17, 2008 by Hari Dass Kumar

The Journey to the Jungle is an amazing visual spectacle of the wonders of nature. The stage set is a scene that is typical of the mysterious wilds of the nature world. Journey to the Jungle will bring you closer to the majesty of predators and other jungle denizens. An assortment of other wildlife from the fearsome big cats such as tigers and mountain lion to otter and serval display their strength, agility and power as they join in the never ending drama in the circle of life. Raptors sour and circle above the audience ;otters display their amazing aquatic abilities as they skillfully capture fish in a team ;the mountain lion and serval display their versatility as they leap into the air and scale trees for their next meal.
And to ensure you don’t stray off the safe zone and get ‘eaten’ by one our predators – an expert wildlife ranger will guide you one this exciting 40 – minute adventure. The incredible learning experience is produced with the goals of the heightening our respect and appreciation for our rapidly dwindling natural world. Through this remarkable one of a kind wildlife experience, we are sure, you will be empowered to champion and support world wildlife conservation efforts.
This is a revolutionary new concept in wildlife presentation and display is developed to also provide the best in terms of care and enrichments of the fauna featured in this mega productions. All the behaviors displayed are stimulation of natural hunting and food gathering activities; allowing the animal to experience activities much in the same way they would if they were in the real world.

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