Fr. Maximilian - The Cornerstone #4: St. Thomas Aquinas

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Ave Maria! Did you know that two of St. Thomas Aquinas' most illustrious professors at the University of Paris, Fr. Alexander of Hales, OFM, and St. Albert the Great, OP, held what has come to be known as the Franciscan position regarding the Incarnation? Perhaps this explains why St. Thomas had such great respect for the position that Bl. John Duns Scotus would take up and defend so ardently some 40 years later. In this episode Fr. Maximilian demonstrates from the writings of Aquinas that the position of Scotus on the absolute primacy of Christ is possible and even probable, even though St. Thomas held the opposite opinion to be more probable. This video series is based on the book A Primer on the Absolute Primacy of Christ by the host Fr. Maximilian M. Dean, FI. See our bookstore at

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