Cell Phone Popcorn Hoax Revealed.

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Uploaded on June 18, 2008 by Free Spirit Prod.

Everybody know that the cell phone making popcorn video it's a big Hoax and i will show you how it's done.Disclaimer: CAUTION! As you know...microwave can be dangerous. Never point them at any living object! This is not a toy, and this should not be used like a conventional microwave. In other words, don't allow children to use it. It should only be operated by responsible persons who understand and respect the potential microwave safety hazards.

You are an Idiot
Can you pop corn with a cell phone?

Plenty of people were fooled into believing they could, though, after watching a video showing cell phones popping corn on the Internet ...

Truth is, the whole thing was a hoax. Cardo Systems, a wireless headset manufacturer, created and distributed the videos as a viral marketing campaign. But as pointed out in Slate, the effect of this clever (or insidious, depending on your point of view) advertisement was to tap into people's fears about cell-phone safety: If it can cook popcorn, so the idea goes, what might it be doing to our brains?

Still, we wonder: How'd they get the corn to pop in the video?

Here's how: Once the cell phones started ringing, the video makers dropped popped kernels into the center of the table, between the phones. They later digitally removed the unpopped kernels you see early in the video, thereby creating the illusion that your cell phone can double as a Jiffy Pop.
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