ASD Ad Surf Daily- Generate Free Visitors To Your Site


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ASD Ad Cash Generator- Free Visitors To Your Site
ASD Ad Surf Daily

ASD is the next huge advertising phenom that will slowly replace the current way you look at advertisements.
ASD Ad Surf Daily Free Advertising is an advertising company designed to send traffic to web sites that are advertised on the ASD Cash Generator web site.

Advertisers can get FREE advertising by viewing other web sites on the ASD Cash Generator Web Site. Advertisers are paid rebates up to 100% of their ad cost for viewing up to 24 web sites daily at the rate of 15 seconds each.

Advertisers can earn an additional 25% leadership bonus by continuing to view web sites and having a minimum group sales volume of $15.00 per month in ad package sales for the length of time the ad packages are active or an average of $15.00 per month.

Rebates and leadership bonuses are based on the number of ad packages you purchase to advertise your web site. ASD totals the number of ad package sales each night at 12:01am CST, multiplies the total by 50% and pays this amount daily to our advertisers that viewed ads that day. You can cash out your rebates and leadership bonuses or re-purchase additional ad packages.

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