Free Verizon Wireless Cell Phones Minutes

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Published 20 Jun 2008
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make your dreams a reality with a billion dollar Wireless Cell Phone Business with VERIZON WIRELESS For FRE...
make your dreams a reality with a billion dollar Wireless Cell Phone Business with VERIZON WIRELESS For FREE!

The Wireless Cell Phone reps Compensation Plan has been designed to allow our wireless cell phone reps the ability to capitalize financially two ways:

From retail wireless consumers all across America that want to use our wireless products and services.

By building a team of like-minded wireless cell phone reps who want to make money selling wireless products and wireless services.


One of the most powerful things about our comp plan is the fact that you get paid through multiple revenue streams. That's awesome! And because our wireless products and services are necessity-based, you're not taking money out of any pockets trying to sell something people don't need. We all use Wireless Cell Phones everyday!!

There's no risk for the customer

Just ask them to try our services and you get paid! You "promote yourself" through the company, beginning as  a Manager, working toward the ultimate goal of Sr. Vice President. As you progress, the money gets more and more lucrative!

How VERIZON Wireless Cell Phone reps are paid:

Our Wireless Cell Phone reps earn revenue through multiple streams:

Wireless Cell Phone reps Weekly Commissions
These commissions occur every week and are triggered when a New Representative joins your network. (Wireless Representative fees being discussed range from a one time $199.00 wireless rep fee to $499.00)

It's the easiest conversion you could ever dream of! Simply teach others how to open up their Wireless Cell Phone Store, and then show others how to do the same all over the U.S., Puerto Rico and eventually the world, as we expand internationally!

When you personally enroll a new Wireless Cell Phone reps, you can earn anywhere from $50 to $350 in a one-time, upfront weekly bonus! When they do what you have done, you will earn anywhere from $50 to $300 in a one-time, up-front override bonus! That's the perfect scenario; they get PAID and you get PAID!

Regional Managers (RM) will earn $200 when they personally enroll a new Rep and $100 every time that person enrolls a new Wireless Rep! If you have 100 people open up an online Wireless Store (join) , you could earn $10,000.00 in one-time up-front bonuses!

Monthly Residual Bonus on Wireless Rep's Wireless Office Fees Every wireless cell phone reps receives their own personal Online Wireless Store when they sign up. The total operating cost for the online Wireless Store is $49.99 per month. We pay up to $24 of that in commissions to the wireless cell phone rep!

Free Wireless Minute Credits Toward Your Monthly Bill!Once per month, we credit your wireless account with FREE minutes! Imagine never paying your wireless bill again! We'll show you how easy it is!

Wireless Magazine monthly subscription residual bonus Our bilingual Wireless Magazine does a great job of highlighting the wireless phone industry, and the wonderful opportunity available for our Wireless Representatives. This bonus is begun with a simple to follow system designed around the Wireless Magazine! Life is so much better when things are simple. A simple to follow system backed by 4 years of research buy a company that has been in business for 14 years. We simply have you follow the 4-step process for six months and if you do not earn at least $2,000 we will PAY you the difference!

You also Receive monthly residual checks from customers cell phone wireless bills!
Get paid on monthly cell phone customers who join your Wireless Rep team down 9 additional compressed levels! Start by receiving 9% total (1% per level on
9 levels)!

Top Producers We pay up to 4% per level on 9 levels, or a whopping 36%! If you had 10,000 customers on your team paying just a $60 wireless bill monthly, you would have $600,000.00 in team customer billing. 4% means you would earn $24,000.00 per month in residual income - just on this one bonus!!

Wireless Reps  Monthly luxury car bonus program Extraordinary,breathtaking and flawless are words that best describe the Wireless Cell Phone Reps Car Bonuses. Let the standard of excellence represent you with your choice of Mercedes-Benz ~ BMW ~ Jaguar ~ Cadillac. The color choices of white or silver represent honor and respect, knowing that wherever you go, you're turning heads in style! You're certain to make your mark in one of these exquisitely detailed machines.VERIZON WIRELESS,VERIZON WIRELESS
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