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Our new and innovative free wireless cell phone business is creating an unparalled home business opportunity for people everywhere.The largest transfer of wealth ever is about to get underway as the us replaces their existing wireless cell phone carrier.

Do you know the Cell Phone stats?

Cell Phone Wireless Subscribers have grown from 3.8 million in 1995 to 55.4 million in 2007!

Cell Phone Wireless Customers:

1995 - 33.8 Million
2000 - 109.5 Million
2005 - 207.9 Million
2007 - 255.4 Million

Cell Phone Wireless Users have grown from 13% of the people in the U.S.who had a Wireless Service in 1995 to 84% that had service in 2007!

% of People Using Wireless Cell Phones:

1995 - 13%
2000 - 38%
2005 - 69%
2007 - 84%

Did you know the Cell Phone facts?

Nationwide, 130 Million Cellular Phones go out of use annually. According to com Score Networks, 19% of U.S. Internet users access the web from their mobile devices. More than 36 percent of all 11 to 14 year-olds own their own cell phone, more than 14 percent own a hand-held Internet device. is announcing a business division, with a mission to lead the movement in how People choose to connect their wireless monthly bills and create a more empowering wireless experience.

It's your wireless cell phone future, capitalize on it now!

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