Hoax Tampax Commercial

By: soul3

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Uploaded on June 24, 2008 by soul3

From http://commercial-archive.com/node/144348:

I don't know why everyone insists on asking me of this ad is real. Can't you just look at the shoddy production values, the misplaced "humor" and take an educated guess? Then I saw that other blogs, such as giggle sugar for example, are posting this ad with a straight face as if it was a real ad, and understood why someone would want to confirm. No it ain't a real commercial. It's a JOKE people. Let it go. Unless of course you want to tell Tampax there's a viral video out there draining (hehe) their trademark of positive vibes. Then there's also the new cynicism, where shoddy production values are 'faked' in order to slip a risque commercial under the radar. Man, its confusing these days ain't it?

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