Problem: Poor Quality Score


Uploaded on June 30, 2008 by AutoGoFast
The Solution

Are your keywords only 'Poor' or 'OK' instead of Great?

Nudging up your quality scores can be a frustrating, hit and miss process. Meanwhile, the penalty for poor Quality Score is higher bid prices.

Lower quality scores have a flow-on effect. They affect your ad ranking, which can then impact click through rates, also lowering your conversions.

Combine this with paying higher minimum bids and it's a much higher price to pay than you think!

The keywords you've chosen may be extremely relevant to your business. But, Google judges the relevancy to their users so what can you do when your opinions differ?

The answer lies in building greater relevancies into your campaigns, from keywords right through to landing pages. It's all about giving your users a better search experience.

The Solution

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