Dedication/American Bald Eagle by Jason Swain

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Uploaded on July 05, 2008 by shanfire

Jason recently completed a carving of an American Bald Eagle, in Ernest Veteran's Park in his hometown of Kensington Maryland. The eagle was a work inspired by the recent loss of his Niece Katie. The Eagle stands as a monument to all veterans, and as a memorial to Katie's memory.

A good friend and neighbor of Jason's stated the following observation;

As the eagle emerged, it was apparent that the wood grain circled the eagle's heart, a fitting development because Jason dedicated the piece, not only to all veterans, but also to his niece Katie who died in a car accident a few months ago in Australia. The hopeful title of the piece was inspired by Bruce Springsteen's The Rising, a song Jason heard as he finished the sculpture. The piece was dedicated in a public ceremony on Memorial Day and is expected to become a visitation site on the Fourth of July, Veterans' Day, and private occasions of reflection.
~ Rebecca Fanning~

Song: "In My Heart" by "Moby"

Watch the video of this amazing work of art as it was created

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