Amazing Grace - Judy Collins and the Choir

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Uploaded on July 05, 2008 by beawealthy

Amazing Grace By Judy Collins, this is a capella, it is Judy Collins and the Choir. This was recorded in the early 1970's, the choir were the army and avy of such, I made this karaoke version for those who wanted the timing and words perfect, my dad was in the choir. If anybody knows anyone who was in this Choir, please comment. This was written by John Newton in the 1700's as far as I have been told.

LISTEN UP GUYS! I am touched by comments on this video but due to people who CAN'T take someones elses opinion, I am having to unfortunatly DISABLE COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO before somebody gets SEREOUSLY OFFENDED (Talking from experience from this video) Its much easier to stop ANY comments coming through, even if I block the offender, the comments still got there and the words can't be taken back. If you disagree with this coment, you'd be prooving the point, if you can't take an opinion, don't talk back, that's just dig the hole deeper.

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