My Both Sides

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Uploaded on July 08, 2008 by Storia Theurgica

a multiartist videoperformance: we have blended bharatanatyam dancing, fractal backgrounds, painted masks, artwork and original music into this unique video.

Our theme for this project:
Which Mask shall I wear today ?
Think with you heart and feel with your mind!

For the full story, more artwork and the whole project visit:


Chris De Bié: Video Director, Mask Performance,Artworks

Andy "Fu" Hartono : Video Production, Editing,Postproduction & Mask design

Anjali Sriram: Bharatanatyam Dance Performance

Mimolux: Digital Fractal Backgrounds


Adrian Ouarar: Music composed and produced with fretless guitars (electric & accoustic), synths and programming

George Ulysses Gould: additional drums

Ruff Libner: Didgeridoo

fretless guitar psychedelic indian fusion jazz rock bharatanatyam dance performance meditation fractal art

Fusion, Psychedelic, Jazz, Rock, Yoga, Dance, Frettless, Guitar, Art & Animation, Music & Dance
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