1971 Weed Smoking and Marijuana Propaganda Film

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The dangers of marijuana on film! This is a discussion-stimulating video from the 1970's, made by the UCLA Social Seminar Series, which explores the reasons for and implications of young college coeds smoking marijuana. Bunny is a sociology major with many problems: her parents are divorced, she's supporting herself, and she's unsatisfied with her life. Bunny only occasionally uses marijuana at parties, but the film asks leading questions about what this says about her views of her own life, her situation at school, and her future potential and ambition. Included are groovy shots of hip cats at a 70's party with girls smoking weed. The 1970's clothing, hairstyles, and music make for a fun trip back to that wild time. One of the strongest themes in the video is that Bunny uses smoking pot as an escape from the problems in her life, and other reasons why people use marijuana. Also discussed are the ways in which marijuana effects your social life, and the brain effects of marijuana. Coming from a time when marijuana was less understood, the facts about marijuana and the side effects of marijuana explored in the film are often cheesy or dated. But this only makes the film more interesting as a document in the history of marijuana and smoking weed.

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