ASD (Ad Surf Daily) Cash Generator - Scam or Not?

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*******www.MCHCashFlow**** ASD (Ad Surf Daily) Cash Generator’s Owner & CEO Andy Bowdoin has been a succes...
*******www.MCHCashFlow**** ASD (Ad Surf Daily) Cash Generator’s Owner & CEO Andy Bowdoin has been a successful business owner for the past 45 years. He was involved in many of the major industries we use today before they were big. These include the cell phone industry, GPS industry, the Credit Card processing industry and he also was in management with Dale Carnegie and worked with Napoleon Hill (the writer of “Think and Grow Rich”). Andy Bowdoin recently had a company convention June 19th 2008. After the convention Andy was invited to the White House and had dinner with President Bush and Dick Cheney where they awarded Andy Bowdoin the Medal of Distinction for his contributions in business. Right now there are some negative comments about the company being legitimate coming from people who have not joined. They are screaming SCAM! Now I don’t know everything but what I do know is someone who has been a successful business owner of 45 years, in very legitimate industries, a person who receives business medals from the President of the United States, will not end his career by opening an illegal business. I’m sorry but ASD has been around for over 2 years already and if the President gave medals to scam artists then we’d have much more to worry about. The company is legit and I invite you to do your homework to find out for yourself. *******www.MCHCashFlow**** Make It A Great Day! Mike Hobbs *******www.MCHGlobalSecrets****/youtube.php