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Uploaded on July 17, 2008 by daveandtom

Dave and Tom's latest epic comedy The Archaeology of Comedy a silly, strange satire of discovery Channel and BBC documentaries.

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The Archaeology Of Comedy
The two hour search for comedy's Holy Grail continues in Dave and Tom's outrageous look back at the history of comedy. You've seen actors Dave Beeler and Tom Konkle on other tv shows, now watch them discover a lost Monty Python-influenced sketch comedy troupe that bucks the norm of sketch today; instead opting for a more deliberate and cerebral approach. Delightfully nostalgic yet unmistakably original, you''ll be glued to your screen as they take a look back on "this business of funny." From prehistoric pornography to poetic clowns on mountainsides, after watching Dave and Tom you''ll agree that history has never been this much fun. A spoof of BBC and Discovery Channel documentaries that promise to reveal a great mystery, this DVD is as one reviewer put it, "a silly journey through a world of scenarios... ranging from unfathomable science discoveries to absurd game shows, from sickly polite bank robberies to egomaniacal hat entertainers....their work achieves comedy on a level commensurate with Monty Python, Mr. Show and Little Britain, and highlights a sparkling sense of the off-color, rude and the importance of wacky nonsense. Always unexpected and always entertaining....." Parental Discretion Is Advised

"The well educated, Monty Python-influenced quintet offers a more cerebral approach, bucking the improv-based norm with carefully scripted routines that move beyond the day's news."

L.A. WEEKLY - Terry Morgan
"Surreal, intelligent and very funny."

"By far the most intellectual comic entourage I'd seen in just about forever, the group relies heavily on the 'so stupid, it's genius' formula, honed by early-seventies Brit-wits such as Peter Cook and the Monty Python gang.

THE COMIC BIBLE - Maryann Piero
" ...the embodiment of intelligent humor for everyone..."

In Archaeology of Comedy, Dave and Tom have... twisted approaches to almost any subject matter...their work achieves comedy on a level commensurate with Monty Python, Mr. Show and Little Britain, and highlights a sparkling sense of the off-color, rude and the importance of wacky nonsense.
"Best Comedy Videos On The Web - Blog Review"

...all of the work is unexpected, silly, smart, and askew... a rarity
- Viral Videos


These two are worthy successors to the comedy mantles of the greats, Dudley Moore and Peter Cook

Wittily penned and performed by David Beeler and Tom Konkle, crisply directed by Michael Neill, this night-blooming nosegay of skits and sketches pays proper homage to the kookily cerebral art of (late) Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.

They are well paired and well contrasted, and what we have here, as we had there, is la creme de la creme of comedy.

The wide range of sketches require Beeler and Konkle to play characters who are polar opposites of each man's previous part, yet the duo pull it off with ease.

Comedy Video Review Online
- Julianne Flystra

sketches without losing any steam where anything is possible and everything is gut-bustingly funny...

Beeler and Konkle's chemistry make their shows a treat to watch...Blip.TV

Tom Konkle, David Beeler, Stephanie Stearns, Gino C. Vianelli, Michael Neill, Carlos Larkin, Shannon Bobo
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