Silip - Filipino Suspense Movie [18+]

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for the Filipino suspense movie, Silip.

Rico (Polo Ravales), a traveling salesman, marries Tess (Diana Zubiri), a waitress in a provincial restaurant. They settle down in a far-flung, isolated farm which Rico inherited from his parents.

Their married life is blissful until Rico has to go on the road again to sell his wares. When he doesn't return after a week, Tess becomes lonely and paranoid about being alone in the farm.

One day, a woman appears and introduces herself as Celia (Francine Prieto). She is searching for her relatives but apparently they've moved away. Anxious to have someone to talk to, Celia befriends Tess and invites her to live with her in the house while her husband is away. The two women bond and Tess thinks that she has finally made a friend. But when Rico returns, Tess starts noticing that Celia and Rico seem to be having an affair. And when Tess finds proof that Celia is not a stranger but has been in this house before, she realizes that Celia and Rico had a past relationship.

Find out what Tess will do about what she discovered.
Starring: Diana Zubiri, Francine Prieto Polo Ravales

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