2000 Wii Point Code 100% Free and Real, and Microsoft Points.

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Uploaded on July 21, 2008 by 82zo82

this site is legal so dont worry
first sign up in this link. (copy and paste the whole link if you want the correct website)


use real info when signing up!!!!

after that before starting offers create a new email address from gmai hotmial or yahoo because you will get spam a lot.

Go to available offers to start earning points. On some offers you will get instructions. If you see one that doesn't have instruction don't worry they usually need you to sign up

after creating you new email account start filling out offers. use fake info but put in your new email account. after gaining enough point go to the available prizes to check them out. if you see they dont have a prize you want go to customize order and ask for what you want. make sure you have enough points for it before you ask for a prize. the cost of the prize depends how much it cost in real life
1point=1dollar. to get bonus points you can enter contest to win points.

you can also try this site. you do the same offers and stuff.


i recommend to sign up in both links to get prizes faster.

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