Abundant Life Cathedral Introduction


Uploaded on July 21, 2008 by edmontgomery

If you want to see God’s work come alive, you’ve got to see ALC for yourself. A living example of the ideal definition of a church, ALC is not just a building; it’s the people who worship there. ALC was founded in 1981 by Dr. Ed Montgomery and his wife Saundra Elaine. The first church was located inside a small office—a mere 1800 sq foot—on 5900 Allday Drive. The congregation consisted of 31 people, including the pastor and his family. With the church’s beginnings in place, Dr. Montgomery’s vision began to take form. The ‘80s brought a membership explosion and ALC was moving on up. ALC moved to its 2ND location, across the street—just a few feet away—to 5901 Allday Drive. But even in their larger new home, the congregation and Dr. Ed’s ministry continued to grow.

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