Time Management for Teachers: Your 7 Minute Guide to Mastering T

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Slide 1: Time Management for Teachers

Slide 2: The Importance of Time Management for Teachers • It helps you stay clear • Saves you time so you can spend more time doing what you love • Professional growth -- helps you move ahead in your career

Slide 3: Always Prioritize • Know exactly what you're going to do next, why you're doing it, by when it needs to be completed and what's the big picture. •If you are unlcear -- you'll run around like a headless chicken.

Slide 4: Say NO to Distractions •Unplug the phone • Turn off the Television • Turn off your computer • FOCUS!

Slide 5: Power Time Management Tip for Teachers • Write down the distractions so you can review them later. (Some distractions can be useful ex: a new idea, an important tip from a friend, a reminder to finish something etc)

Slide 6: Create Time for FUN • All work, no play stresses you out and makes you highly unproductive. • Set aside at least 30 minutes each day for yourself

Slide 7: Create Time for FUN • Do things that take your mind off current problems -- watch TV, play video games, do whatever feels like fun.

Slide 8: Organize, don't Agonize • Organize and de-clutter your desk • Organize Files -- alphabetically can be a good start • Organize all your lesson items.

Slide 9: Throw Away Useless "Stuff" •Throw away the things that don't get used anymore •Throw away anything that's collecting dust on your desk

Slide 10: Use a Daily Planner • Create well Prioritized To-do lists • Create to-do reference sheets and checklists for specific events.. Do the work Once and enjoy the benefits many times

Slide 11: Claim Your Free Time Management Course

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