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Uploaded on July 22, 2008 by andreaandme

One of a Kind Fashion Accessories Unique Costume Jewelry Unique One of a Kind Women's Fashion Handbags Unique One of a Kind Greeting Cards One of a Kind Wall Art Decor

Join us In our campaign to Save Our Children. Get your free artwork today for your T-shirt.

We design unique one of a kind delicious women's handbags in lively, bold colors such as our red suede handbag, pink suede handbag and green suede handbag, using funky, cool fabrics such as fused suede. Our original handbags and clutches don’t weigh as much as you do . . . because looking good should be easy

We are the design label with “plenty of attitude”. Andrea and Me and Me Too Accessories(tm) also designs uniquely styled belts called Waist Accents(tm) for women with "way too much attitude to dress like everyone else on the planet."

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