Skate. (i Get Paid While I Play) *o XGames MegaRamp

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Uploaded on July 25, 2008 by SuccessGRN

Go to my website and I'll show you how you'll be able to play skate. all day if you want, and still make money. I made a couple thousand dollars this afternoon, just running errands, playing skate. and I made a great dinner for my girlfriend and I! We'll show you how by this time next year, you can give in to those days where all you want to do is play skate.! =P

some decent stuff in here, at the XGames Megaramp! I now daydream about skate.2!!

The Audio:
Chapter 1 - "Breakfast of Champions", Kurt Vonnegut
(one of my favorite books, and very interesting if given some consideration and attention.

Thanks for watching!!

Comments / critiques are welcomed!
Post your video/9min run in response!!

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